Design Your Landscape in 3 Steps

1. Choose your Synthetic Grass

Choose your synthetic surface based on how you intend to use the space. Your options include a variety of colours, pile height and density of the carpet.

Density of the carpet is a key factor in the lifespan of a product and it is therefore important to select a product that fits the purpose. Higher density results in greater durability and are therefore more suitable for moderate and high traffic areas. 

Landscape or sport?  Choose landscape grass if you wish to replicate a natural lawn.  Choose a sports grass if you wish to use for sports skills practice. 

Do you prefer a long pile, lush look and feel or a medium pile mown grass look? Will the turf get high traffic use, medium use or low use? 

Once you have chosen the type of grass you want, you need to work out the amount required.  TigerTurf’s Grass is manufactured at 3.66 metres wide.  Landscape products have a directional pile and need to be laid in the same direction.


2. Shock Pads and Drainage Pads

Determine if a shock and drainage pad is required. If installing TigerTurf onto rooftops and balconies, drainage and waterproofing are very important.  For synthetic surfaces installed under children’s playgrounds, cushioning, absorption and meeting critical fall height regulations (HIC) is especially important. The synthetic turf carpet itself allows for drainage of water, but it also depends on the foundation on which the carpet is installed drainage for the successful disposal of water. TigerTurf recommends the Trecellen woven shock and drain pad. It increases safety and comfort of a synthetic grass lawn providing a comfortable and natural cushioning to the surface.

To meet additional fall height, soft fall regulations, TigerTurf uses either Regupol rubber shock pad, APE TigerPad or a combination of both.  Talk to TigerTurf for more information on HIC requirements and products.


3. Installation

Decide if you prefer to install the landscape grass yourself, or if you would like the help of our professional landscape installers. Different types of installation require different expertise. Download the installation guide in case you decide to do your own installation. Before you start, please make sure you have read the tools and materials checklist. Each of the installation steps (preparation, base construction and installation of the grass) is provided in detail.