Step 1

Choose your synthetic surface based on how you intend to use the space. Will it be used for landscaping or do you want to practice sports?

Options available through the shop include landscape products and multi-play sports turf. Choose landscape grass if you wish to replicate a natural lawn. Choose a sports grass if you wish to use for sports skills practice.

Will it be a high traffic area? If so, you will need a high use product. A higher density product is more suitable for moderate and high traffic areas.

Is it more for aesthetics? If so, you could use a lower density product. Density equals durability and is therefore important to select a product that fits the purpose.
Do you prefer a long pile, lush look and feel or a medium pile mown grass look?

Your options include a variety of colours, pile height and density of the carpet.
Once you have chosen the type of grass you want, you need to work out the amount required.

TigerTurf’s Grass is manufactured at 3.66 metres wide. Landscape products have a directional pile and need to be laid in the same direction.