Step 2

Determine if a shock and drainage pad is required.

If installing TigerTurf onto rooftops, balconies or damp areas, drainage and/or waterproofing are very important.

The synthetic turf itself is porous and allows for drainage of water, however it also depends on the foundation on which the turf is installed for the successful disposal of water.

TigerTurf recommends the Sine woven shock and drainage pad.

Installed under the turf it drains both vertically and horizontally which increases the drainage of the water from the top of the turf. Sine also provides natural cushioning to the surface which increases safety and comfort.

To meet additional fall height regulations, TigerTurf uses either rubber or foam shock pads which are certified to comply with NZ Playground Safety Standards.

Talk to TigerTurf for more information on HIC (Head Impact Criteria) requirements for your recreational areas.