10mm Rubber Shock Pad

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Regupol®  shock pad for sand/rubber filled artificial turf consists of selected PUR-bound rubber particles. The thickness and density of this shock pad provides a uniform shock absorbency.  Recommended for sports fields where excellent ball reflexion, equal force reduction is required. Reduces the strain on joints and ligaments.

Sold by the lineal metre, Rolls are manufactured at 1.25m wide. 1 Quantity represents 1m (Length) x 1.25m (Wide) i.e 1.25m2. 

 Determine if a shock and drainage pad is required. TigerTurf recommends the TenCate Sine® woven shock and drain pad. It increases safety and comfort of a synthetic turf lawn providing a comfortable and natural cushioning to the surface. Cushioning and absorption of ground impact is especially important for synthetic surfaces that require special safety features such as children’s playgrounds. The synthetic turf carpet itself allows for drainage of water, but it will depend on the foundation on which the carpet is installed if the water can be successfully disposed of. By installing TenCate Sine you can be assured that water disposal is guaranteed. 

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