Envy 35

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TigerTurf’s Envy is an artificial lawn that is an attractive, practical alternative to natural grass. The medium-to-long blade and high-density thatch gives a wonderfully dense green lawn that suits those who like a well fertilised, well watered lush well manicured all green look to their lawn. Envy has a soft and comfortable feel underfoot, and offers a fresh green lawn to relax on while you admire your garden. TigerTurf’s Envy is available 35mm pile height.

  • Rolls are manufactured at 3.66m wide and sold per metre length
  • Quantity 1 = 3.66m (wide) x 1m (Length)  
  • Product is directional. You will need to order enough product to ensure you are always laying grass in the same direction. If you need help working out what you need feel free to call us, live chat or email us.

To complete your installation you will need sand infill, a 25kg bag per 2sqm, joining tape and adhesive. Please view installation guides for more details and view our accessories to complete your purchase.

Have you thought about adding our unique Sine drainage pad to your project?

TigerTurf recommends the TenCate Sine® woven shock and drainage pad. It assists drainage and comfort beneath your synthetic turf lawn providing a dry and natural cushioning to the surface.

Our TigerTurf landscape products are porous however the foundation must be right for this to be effective. By installing TenCate Sine you can expect the water to flow freely through the turf and down into the pad before draining vertically and horizontally into the base.

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